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Foundations' 2017 Conference, "Counsel from the Cross" on a thumb drive! 


Facing Mental Illness in the Light of the Scriptures (Jeremy Yeckley) 

Grief & the Man of Sorrows (Josiah Meyer)

Forgiveness & the Power of the Gospel (Tim Ackley)  

The Learning Cycle: Empowerment for Everyday Living (Dr. Dwight Peterson) 

Marriage & Mental Illness: A Testimony of Trials, Trust, & Tranquility (Jenny Johnson) 

Cross-Eyed: Our Suffering in Light of the Cross (Mark Akers) 

Emotional Fatigue: Preventing Ministry Burnout (Dr. Jim Meyer) 

Helping Those Struggling with Substance Abuse Embrace Grace (Dr. Jim Meyer) 

A Cross-Centered Marriage in a Me-Centered World (Dr. Lynelle Buchanan)

A Gospel Diagnosis (Fred Jacoby)

A Gospel Transformation (Jeremy Yeckley)

A Gospel Hope (Dr. Lynelle Buchanan)

Understanding Our Sexual Identity through a Biblical Framework (Mark Sanders) 

Emotions, the Christian, & the Cross (Jeremy Yeckley) 

Depression, Meet the Gospel of Grace (Fred Jacoby)

Helping Children with Anxiety (Alyssa Cathers)

His Desires Her Desires (Mark Akers)

The Desire to Die (Fred Jacoby)

Singleness & the Church (Lisa Harrison Landrud)

Counsel from the Cross Conference Thumb Drive

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