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Quotes from


"We greatly appreciate [the] focus on God and His ability to heal through the power of His Spirit and Word"

- Pastor Chris (New Hope Bible Church - Utah)


"The seminars on counseling training and depression were a blessing for New Hope Bible Church and our surrounding community. Nothing along these lines has ever been done in our Mormon community and we are encouraged by both the practical help that was shared with Christian leaders and the answers that were given to those who may be struggling with depression. We greatly appreciate Fred and Jeremy's focus on God and His ability to heal through the power of His Spirit and Word. The training and seminar were a great first step in helping leaders in our churches begin to understand a model of biblical counseling."


Foundations annual conference essential to the heath of our church"

Pastor Tim Madden (Cornerstone Bible Church - Browndale, PA)


“Conferences like Foundations Christian Counseling annual conference are essential to the health of our church. The job of the pastor (Ephesians 4:12) is not to do the work for the church but to equip the church to serve each other and their community. We are so committed to this ideal that not only do we encourage many of our leaders to go, but our church also helps cover the cost of the conference for them. We attempt to invest in our people to equip them with practical tools for ministering to each other and our community. Over the years I have personally witnessed the fruit and impact Foundations annual conference has had on our church family and would recommend the event to local churches.” 


"I Value the partnership with Foundations" - Pastor John Banks (Tabernacle Bible Church, Honesdale, PA)


“I value the partnership with Foundations because I know the biblical philosophy of counseling is complementary to my preaching and discipleship ministry.  Not only, at my disposal, I have access to confidential insight into my personal counseling ministry and a willing partner to co-counsel people beyond my time capacity.  I also have every confidence Foundations has a shared interest in growing our people in how to speak truth to themselves and to others. The Foundation’s partnership model provides a reasonable cost-sharing for individual responsibility and affordability."


"Counseling has brought hope to hurting families"

Pastor David Steckiel (Fellowship Bible Church,  Troy, PA)


"Having a counseling resource available to us in our church has brought hope to a number of hurting families in our church as well in our community. Partnering with them has not only lowered the fees for counseling for those that need it, but it has also increased the conviction of receiving professional biblical counseling."